Joaillerie du Centre

Joaillerie du Centre opened in 1956 in the heart of the diamond district. Since then the shop has grown into a family business with a passion for fine jewellery.

This shop has since become an established name in the business thanks to its knowledge and experience. Joaillerie du Centre designs, manufactures and supplies jewellery, precious stones, diamonds and pearls of high quality. Their workshop will gladly execute your ideas but also takes care of simple repairs or can transform your old jewellery into something new.
“After sixty years, and with the third generation at the helm, “Antwerp’s Most Brilliant” is definitely the cherry on the cake.
This certificate is a must for customers, as it guarantees a personal service, excellent quality and a high level of trust. That is why we are proud to be able to serve our customers as members of Antwerp’s Most Brilliant.”

Joaillerie du Centre


Vestingstraat 14
+32 32 33 30 10

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