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Every year thousands of cruise passengers and hundreds of ships navigate to Antwerp by sailing up the Scheldt river, taking in the sights and sounds of the port and destination.

During this smooth cruise you’ll pass many interesting sites as the Dutch harbour Flushing, the typical low landscape of Hansweert, the natural reserve “the Drowned land” of Saeftinghe, the charming village Lillo and our famous lock Berendrecht. Just before you get a glimpse of the elegant Gothic spire of the Cathedral and the Art Deco skyscraper dominates the skyline, the Red Star Line (RSL) building will make its appearance. Red Star Line was the departure point of thousands of emigrants when setting course for America and Canada.

The activities of the port of Antwerp are generally associated with goods transport and high economic performances but in fact we deliver more that. In the historical port area you will find marinas, both on the left and right bank of the river, offering facilities for a wide range of water-based leisure interests. The main activity on the Scheldt quays is since 1996 cruise related and the investments in the terminal and facilities make Antwerp a full operational cruise destination.

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