Following emigrants

Follow the emigrants of yore. Experience their precarious journey to a new life - from the arrival in the Central Station to the Red Star Line buildings on the Eilandje.

You follow in the footsteps of emigrants from their arrival at Central Station to the Red Star Line buildings located in the Eilandje quarter. Red Star Line ocean steamers moored on the Rijnkaai, bringing hope of a better life overseas.

Put yourself in the shoes of an emigrant and allow yourself to be led through this insightful journey through Antwerp and on to the departure point of the Red Star Line; the beginning of a better life.

Antwerp and the Red Star Line are inextricably linked together. Millions of emigrants arrived in Antwerp and then departed once again, but not without leaving their mark on the city. Traces of their presence are easily overlooked, but tend to lead to marvellous stories.

Options: Choice between a “standard” option (using the subway) and “full walk” option (shorter route and less stops). There is also a choice between two end locations.

When making a reservation you can choose between the “standard” option or the “full walk” option. You will also need to choose your preferred end location. You will need good walking shoes, windproof clothing, a drink for the road and tickets for the subway if you chose the standard option.

Please note: the walk in distance is much longer than most other city walks and not suitable for those who are not very mobile or cannot stand for long periods of time. The subway stations Opera and Groenplaats are accessible via escalators. There is no elevator and therefore inaccessible to wheelchair users.

A refreshment break is not included in the 3-hour tour, but can be organised for 3.5 or 4-hour tours.

Your guide will emphasise key historical biographies, authentic quotes and interesting anecdotes of various emigrants.

The trail takes you along: De Keyserlei – Groenplaats – Grote Markt – Falconplein - Bonapartedok
Starting point: Central Station – Visit Antwerpen.

End location A: RIJNKAAI at the statue “the port girl” (at the Scheldt) (A is the best end location if the group would like to continue walking towards the Red Star Line Museum or wishes to eat at one of the restaurants located north of the old docks).

Endpoint B: ZEEUWSE KOORNMARKT at the river side of the Loodswezen. (B is the best end location if the group chooses to return to Antwerp Central Station or to the historic city or wishes to eat at one of the restaurants located south of the old docks).

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