Maurice Verbaet Center

You can see masterpieces of one of the largest collections of Belgian postwar art in Europe at the Maurice Verbaet Center.

Maurice Verbaet Antwerp

The museum opened in 2015 in the former buildings of Antwerp’s water company. Its collection was acquired with great connoisseurship over the years by Maurice and Caroline Verbaet. The couple decided to open their own museum, to share their passion for postwar art and based on the conviction that art connects people. Here you can see Belgian art from the decades between 1945 and 1975, also sometimes called “Les Trentes Glorieuses”, and later.

Les Trentes Glorieuses

The museum will take you on a museum back in time. Les Trentes Glorieuses (1945 until 1975) was a period of social, cultural and political change.

The emphasis during this period was on freedom and progress. Wellbeing and emancipation advanced during this postwar period, which also influenced Belgian art.

The museum will permanently showcase masterpieces from its collection, by such artists as Luc Peire, Paul Van Hoeydonck, Marc Mendelson, Pierre Alechinsky and others.

In addition, the Maurice Verbaet Center also hosts temporary themed exhibition, which focus on a work, a figure or a period.

Finally, the Maurice Verbaet Center also has a panoramic gallery, which is used for temporary exhibitions and which offers stunning 360-degree views over Antwerp.

Artful food

Magali Verbaet and her team let you taste their amazing cuisine, among the art, at TAPTA, which is named after the innovative artist. An experience that will stimulate all your senses at the same time.

Maurice Verbaet Art Center | foto Laura Van Severen


Mechelsesteenweg 64

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