The story of Nello & Patrasche

The story of the young boy Nello and his dog Patrasche is famous all over the world and it's set… in Antwerp! During the Christmas period the duo will play a prominent role in the city. Discover where you can meet them here.

The story of Nello and Patrasche

Nello and Patrasche are the main characters in the 1872 novel A Dog of Flanders. The story takes place in Hoboken and Antwerp. The Cathedral of Our Lady and various paintings by Rubens play an important role in the novel.

Nello, a poor orphan boy, becomes friends with Patrasche, an abandoned cart dog. They walk to town together every day. They often visit the cathedral, where Nello admires the paintings by Rubens. Due to a series of setbacks, the lives of Nello and Patrasche end in that same cathedral. They die together from hardship.
This moving and atypical Christmas story holds a message of pride and unconditional friendship. The story is very famous in Japan. 

New statue at the cathedral

Artist Batist Vermeulen (‘Tist’) designed a statue of the boy and his dog. You can admire the new statue on the Handschoenmarkt, in front of the cathedral. 

Batist Vermeulen | by Tist


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