PAKT: a sustainable site and rooftop gardens

PAKT is the sustainable heart of Antwerp’s Green Quarter. The ideal spot to get a locally produced coffee, lunch or dinner in a unique setting, surrounded by breathtaking rooftop gardens.

Sustainable hub

A former industrial site, turned into a creative, sustainable hub. That’s PAKT in a nutshell. A gym, different creative companies, a coffee bar, and restaurants all share this same site. And as much as these creative entrepreneurs rely on the site, the site relies on them as well.

The heath of the ground-floor pizzeria is used to warm the offices on the upper floors. The water that’s gathered by the rooftop gardens – run by farmers Bram and Sjarel – is used by Caffènation in its coffee bar and roastery. Same goes for the vegetables and herbs that are grown on the roofs: they are the key-ingredients for lunch bar Racine’s dishes. Even the famous and starred restaurant The Jane gets its tomatoes from the PAKT gardens.

Peace and quiet

If you don’t know where to look, you’re going to have a bit of a difficult time to find PAKT. It’s tucked away, hidden from the street, in one of Antwerp’s busier districts. But once you enter through the gates, at the Lamorinièrestraat or at the Green Quarter’s side, you enter an oasis of peace and quiet.

Grab a coffee at Caffènation, Antwerp’s most well-known coffee bar, and watch the coffee bar’s personnel both preparing your drink from the very start: all coffee beans are roasted in the hall next to the bar. Or what about a lunch at Racine, the rooftop restaurant which only uses products grown at the PAKT site? Maybe first have a quick work-out at the local cross fit?  Or just get a tan in the grass of the Green Quarter.

Whatever you choose, PAKT and the surrounding Green Quarter will take you back to a time when life was simple and easy going.



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