Photography Inc.

In autumn 2015, FOMU will open its new collection presentation: ‘Photography Inc.’. This exhibition recounts the history of photography from the industry perspective. Using photographs, cameras, magazines and albums, this engaging exhibition will present both famous moments and new discoveries in the wide-ranging history of photography.

With the discovery of photography in 1839, a veritable industry was born. Initially a craft and an elitist occupation confined to the ranks of the wealthy, automation and commerce would eventually make photography available for mass consumption.
‘Photography Inc.’ investigates the interaction between producer and consumer, supply and demand. This collection presentation focuses on a number of turning points in the technological history of photography and the societal impact of these on the user. The influence of the photography industry on the photographer’s work processes is also scrutinised.
The exhibition includes works by Henry Fox Talbot, Louis Ghémar, Frank Philippi, Willy Kessels, Edouard Wettstein, Robert Doisneau, Louis-Desiré Blancquart-Evrard, Joseph-Ernest Buschmann, Nadar, André Adolphe Eugene Disdéri, Jaques-Henri Lartigue, Willem Popelier, Weegee, Erich Salomon, David Octavius Hill & Robert Adamson.

Frank Philippi | Collectie FotoMuseum Antwerpen


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