Antwerp City Card

Time flies in a city that has as much to offer as Antwerp. Spend yours wisely and buy your Antwerp City Card. This card is your handy and inexpensive guide to discover the city. Depending on the time you wish to spend in Antwerp, you can choose a 24-, 48- or 72-hour formula. You get free access or a discount at all must-sees in the city and get to use public transport for free.

The best of Antwerp

Antwerp has enough to offer to keep you amazed for a lifetime. But you only have a weekend or midweek and time flies. That's why we have picked the absolute must-ses of the rich array the city has to offer: the Cathedral, the Rubens House, the MAS, the De Koninck City Brewery ... Your Antwerp City Card grants you free access.

To get around quickly, with your City Card, you can also use public transport for free and get access to cheap rental bikes.

Discover the full list of benefits quickly.

One card, three formulas

The Antwerp City Card recommends some attractions in the city, but not when you visit them. That’s entirely up to you. You have the choice of three formulas.

A 24-hour Antwerp City Card will only cost you EUR 27. If you do not want to miss out and get the most out of your card, you can make a proper city trip of this and buy a 48-hour card (EUR 35) or 72-hour card (EUR 40). Your time begins to run when you use the card for the first time.

Free public transport

Your Antwerp City Card then doubles as the ticket for De Lijn trams and buses.
The ticket typically becomes valid on the day you pick up the card. If you want to change this time, to match your first visit, then inform the person at the desk of the location where you purchase your card so that they can fill in a different date on the back of your card.

Use your discount vouchers all year long

Has your card’s validity expired? No problem, because on top of your discounts, you also got a booklet with dozens of vouchers for shops and attractions spread throughout the city. These will remain valid until 31 January 2019. Perfect for your next weekend in Antwerp.

Purchase your Antwerp City Card now

Save time by buying your Antwerp City Card online. You will then receive the Antwerp City Card E-ticket in your mailbox and booklet with exclusive discount vouchers. You can set off straight away. Pick up your free information guide Visit Antwerp Guide from one of the visitors' centres of Visit Antwerp. The City Card is, of course, also available from the visitors’ centres on the Market Square 13 or at the Central Railway Station, and in a few more locations in the city.

Baroque Festival Card

Do you want to discover everything “Antwerp Baroque 2018. Rubens inspires” has to offer, in an efficient and inexpensive way? Just buy a Baroque Festival Card. It comes with plenty of benefits. The pass is valid for 48 hours and entitles you to free admission to all the exhibitions and monumental churches that participate in the cultural urban festival. 

Any questions?

If you are left with any questions about the Antwerp City Card, please consult our list of frequently asked questions.

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