Frequently asked questions about the Antwerp City Card

Time flies in Antwerp. Spend yours wisely and buy your Antwerp City Card now. Below, you will find answers to all your questions about this handy card.

1. Why would I buy an Antwerp City Card?

The Antwerp City Card is the cheapest way to fully experience Antwerp. You either get free entrance or obtain a fixed discount at more than 50 attractions. What’s more, you make use of public transport for free. 

2. What does the Antwerp City Card include?

When you buy an Antwerp City Card, you will receive:

3. Where can I use the Antwerp City Card?

Discover all the benefits of the Antwerp City Card.

4. Where can I buy the Antwerp City Card?

The easiest way to buy your Antwerp City Card is online. You will then receive confirmation in your mailbox with which you can collect your card, information guide, city map and booklet with exclusive discount vouchers from one of the visitors' centres of Visit Antwerp.
The City Card is, of course, also available for sale at either of the visitors’ centres on the Market Square 13 or in the Central Railway Station.

Other places where you can buy your Antwerp City Card:

5. How much is the Antwerp City Card?

The Antwerp City Card costs EUR 27 for 24 hours, EUR 35 for 48 hours, or EUR 40 for 72 hours. You pay for the card when you order it online or when you buy it from one of the locations where they are for sale.

6. How long can I use my Antwerp City Card?

You can use your card 24 hours, 48 hours or 72 hours, depending on the type of card you purchased. That period begins to run when you first use the card.
Since the vouchers in your voucher booklet remain valid until 31 January 2018, we urge you to come back in case you have not used them all.

7. Is public transport included in the Antwerp City Card?

Yes, as long as your card is valid, you can use the buses and trams of De Lijn in Antwerp for free. Your Antwerp City Card then doubles as the ticket.
The ticket typically becomes valid on the day you pick up the card. If you want to change this time, to match your first visit, then inform the person at the desk of the location where you purchase your card so that they can fill in a different date on the back of your card.

The full list of all bus and tram lines can be found on De Lijn’s website.

8. How does the Antwerp City Card work?

It is very easy to use it. You can scan your Antwerp City Card at the desk of the attraction you wish to visit. The discount will be deducted immediately.

9. Is it possible to visit a museum more than once?

Since your discount only applies once, make sure you have explored every corner of the MAS or the Cathedral before you step outside.

10. Where can I get additional information?

Please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail to for any additional information. We will respond as soon as possible. 

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Time flies in Antwerp. Spend yours wisely and buy your Antwerp City Card.  Winteredition now available with numerous extra's and discounts valid between 9 December and 7th of January.  

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