Parking in Antwerp

Antwerp is a vibrant city with a large number of residents and visitors. All these people require a lot of parking space for their cars. In some areas you can park for free but throughout the city parking is charged.

Free parking

- on the Scheldt quays: Sint-MichielskaaiCockerillkaai and De Gerlachekaai 
- on the Gedempte Zuiderdokken: Waalsekaai and Vlaamsekaai
- Parking Pidpa: Desguinlei

Public car parks

As a visitor, it is best to opt for a public car park or a Park and Ride (P+R) whenever possible. That is usually cheaper and easier than parking on the street and relieves you from parking stress.

Historic centre

Noorderterras: Orteliuskaai
Zuiderterras: Ernest Van Dijckkaai
Grote Markt: Ernest van Dijckkaai 7

City centre

Brabo: Kammenstraat 2
Groenplaats: Groenplaats
Rubens: Lombardenvest 24-28
Meir: Eiermarkt 33
Lombardia: Lombardenvest 11
Oudaen: Oudaan 3
Cammerpoorte: Nationalestraat 38
Central Station – Zoo
Nova: Van Schoonhovenstraat 25
Breidel: Breidelstraat 15-17
De Keyser: Van Ertbornstraat 13
Empire: Appelmansstraat 25
Quellin: Quellinstraat 39
Roosevelt: Franklin Rooseveltplaats 12


Van Dijck: Eikenstraat 9
Sint Jacob: Sint Jacobsmarkt 81-83
Arenberg: Oudevaartplaats 2-4
Horta: Hopland 24
Leopold: Henri Van Heurckstraat 9
Hopland: Hopland 40
Stadsschouwburg : Meistraat 4
Inno: Hopland 45

A P+R is a free car park at the edge of the city. From there you can continue on to your destination in the city centre by tram, bus or bicycle.

• P+R Keizershoek
Bredabaan, 2170 Merksem (near Carrefour)
Take tram line 2 (Merksem – Hoboken) and get off at the Astrid / Diamant stop or take tram line 3 (Merksem – Zwijndrecht) to Astrid / Opera / Meir / Groenplaats.
You can also take bus 640 and get off at F. Rooseveltplaats.

• P+R Metropolis
Groenendaallaan 394, 2030 Antwerp (next to the Kinepolis cinema)
Take tram line 6 (Luchtbal – Olympiade) and get off at the Astrid / Diamant stop or take one of the following bus lines in the direction of Antwerp and get off at the F. Rooseveltplaats terminus: 720-730-770-771.

• P+R Melsele
Vendoorn 1, 9120 Melsele
On the N70 between Melsele and Zwijndrecht, at the Grote Baan - Beversebaan - Krijgsbaan intersection. Tram line 3 (Merksem – Zwijndrecht) will take you into the city. Get off at the Groenplaats / Meir / Opera / Astrid stop.

• P+R Linkeroever - Blancefloerlaan 1 + 2
Blancefloerlaan, 2050 Antwerp
Take tram line 3 (Zwijndrecht - Merksem) or 5 (Linkeroever - Wijnegem) and get off at Groenplaats / Meir / Astrid.
Tram lines 9 (Linkeroever - Eksterlaar) and 15 (Linkeroever - Boechout) will also take you to the city centre. Get off at the Groenplaats / Meir / Diamant stop.

• P+R Olympiade
Kruishofstraat, 2610 Antwerp-Wilrijk
Parking is free for the first 12 hours. Want to park for longer than 12 hours? Then the cost is 1 euro per 24 hours. Validate your ticket at the payment kiosk to leave the car park. Take tram line 6 (Olympiade - Luchtbal) and get off at the Diamant / Astrid stop.

• P+R Schoonselhof
Krijgsbaan, 2660 Hoboken (by Schoonselhof cemetery)
Tram line 24 (Schoonselhof - Silsburg) will take you into the city; get off at the Teniers / Rooseveltplaats / Central Station stop.

• P+R Capenberg
Junction of Liersesteenweg and Borsbeeksesteenweg, 2530 Boechout
Take tram line 15 (Boechout - Linkeroever) and get off at the Diamant / Opera / Meir / Groenplaats stop.


Elvire Van Ooteghem


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