Carefree parking in Antwerp

Antwerp is a bustling city with a large population and attracts many visitors. This means there are a lot of vehicles that need to be parked! Luckily, the city is prepared for this. Planning a day trip to Antwerp? Park for free at a Park & Ride car park on the outskirts of the city or use the paid public car parks in the city centre. Many of these paid car parks are currently offering deals to help you to have a carefree visit to Antwerp. For more information visit Interparking, Q-Park and Indigo.

By car

Free Park & Ride parking

There are currently 9 P+Rs in and around Antwerp where you can park your car for free and then use the trams, buses or bike sharing system to get rapidly into the city centre. Do you have a folding bike or electric kick scooter? Pop it in your boot and you can ride straight from the P+R into the city centre.
Overview of P+Rs and connections to the city centre.

Paid public car parks

In the city centre, you can park on the street or at a paid public car park. The latter option is usually cheaper. Via dynamic parking guidance, you will be guided to a car park with available parking spaces.

The car parks offer different packages (per day or multi-day) to enable you to park safely at an affordable price. You can pay for your parking with a ticket, a parking card, an online reservation with registration plate recognition or with an app on your smartphone. The car parks that are currently offering special deals are: Interparking, Q-Park and Indigo.
Overview of paid public car parks per area

Prepare for your visit

Antwerp's city centre and part of Linkeroever are a Low Emission Zone (LEZ).  If you are planning to visit Antwerp by car, check here whether you are permitted to enter the Low Emission Zone. Read more about the LEZ here.

Use the route planner on the Smart Ways to Antwerp website to prepare for your visit to Antwerp. You will receive a clear overview of the various routes with different transport options, such as trams, buses, trains and car and cycling routes, and the estimated journey times, so you can easily reach your destination. 

If you park on the street, please note that you can only pay at the parking meters with  a bank card, via text message or with a parking app.

By coach

Coaches can drop off their customers in the city centre.  The coach can then be parked at a free car park on the outskirts of the city or at a paid car park in Antwerp's Zuid district. Would you like to find out more? Read detailed info here.

By campervan

Are you visiting Antwerp in a campervan? You can park on streets where you see a blue sign with nothing but a white P on it (an E9a sign). You are not allowed to camp or spend the night parked on the street. However, you can stay at one of our campsites:
City Camping Antwerp
Camperpark Vogelzang

Dries Luyten


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Coach parking area - copyright Jan Crab

Coach parking area

Beginning 20 January, coaches will park at Number 8 on d’Herbouvillekaai.  A ‘Kiss and Ride’ zone is available at Plantinkaai in the historic city centre for dropping off visitors to the city. 

Park your bike - copyright Dave Van Laere

Park your bike

You will find street-side bicycle racks near public areas throughout the city. This makes it easy for cyclists to park and secure their bikes. 

Parking for campers - copyright Visit Antwerpen

Parking for campers

Visiting Antwerp with a camper? Then you can park on the streets where you see a blue sign with nothing but a white P on it (an E9a sign). You are not allowed to camp or spend the night on public property. But you can do that at one of our campgrounds.

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