Antwerp by bike

Even though the roads offer quite a few challenges, like cobble stones and tramways, you can still explore Antwerp by bike. Cycling is a fast way to move around in the city and it is also better for the environment and your health. Discover on this page nice cycling routes in the city and guided cycling tours. If you did not bring your own bike, there are plenty of places where you can rent one, or make use of the successful Velo bike-sharing system.

If you can’t wait to discover the city cycling, take a virtual bike ride through Antwerp, together with Celine.


  • Easy-Going Cycling Route
  • Urban Jungle Cycling Map
  • Cycling along the river
  • Velo
  • Bike tours with a guide
  • Rent a bike
  • Park your bike
  • The Underpass
  • Blue Sky Pedicabs