The Underpass

St Anna’s Tunnel – or Underpass, as the locals like to refer to it – was opened in 1933. Both on the left and on the right bank, you can still access the tunnel using the authentic wooden escalators which were unique at the opening.

Bridge or tunnel?

Back in 1874, the locals agreed on a connection between the city’s left and right banks. Many plans were submitted for a bridge over the river Scheldt, but those were each time abandoned. Particularly because the bridge would considerably hinder shipping traffic.

Eventually, it took until 1931 before a decision was made in favour of a tunnel.

Even today, the entrance buildings are still pretty much intact, from the warning signs through to the fences.

History coming to life

The tunnel is still very much in use by people who need to get from one bank to the other.

It definitely pays to cross the river to the Left Bank using the Underpass. Not just for the view of the Antwerp skyline but also to admire this gem in the heart of Antwerp. 

Check on if the elevators and escalators are operational. 


Dave Van Laere



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