Tasting diamonds

This festive year will also include delicacies. In response to 570 years of diamonds in Antwerp, an exclusive edition of the 'Antwerpse Handjes' will be issued and diamond pralines will be given a new look.

Tasting diamonds

Philip’s Biscuits came up with a diamond version of its icon - the Antwerp Hand. He designed a sugar Antwerp Hand with a diamond on the ring finger (only the top layer has a diamond).  The package was designed by up-and-coming talent and fashion designer Alexandra Gram. The 500 copies are unique and only available this year at Philip’s Biscuits, the MAS shop and the city shop.

In the past, Chocolatier Goossens developed a technique to make diamond-shaped pralines shine thanks to a subtle layer of sugar crystal powder. A limited edition (1000 pieces) of the pralines has been packed in a special black box designed by Gram for this occasion. They are sold at Chocolatier Goossens, in the MAS shop and the city shop.

Diamond gadgets

You're looking for Christmas and New Year's gifts? In the MAS shop they also sell several stylish diamond gadgets such as mouse mats, key chains, notebooks, post cards and cool sweaters.

Posters printed with diamond dust

Have you already spotted the posters that were printed with diamond dust? The city secured just enough diamond dust to print 10 sparkling posters. One of them will be travelling over the next few months. You can see the poster here:

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