Restaurants in Antwerp

Today, Antwerp offers a wide range of European, exotic and of course Belgian eateries.

The people of Antwerp have a long-standing reputation as connoisseurs. Thanks to the port, all kinds of foods, drinks, herbs and spices from all over the world have been introduced since as early as the 16th century, influencing the city’s gastronomy. Today, Antwerp offers a wide range of European, exotic and of course Belgian eateries. Many restaurants serve French cuisine, but with Belgian touches. Most restaurants are located around the historic centre, Het Zuid and Het Eilandje.

Antwerp has numerous Michelin-starred restaurants:

’t Zilte **

The Jane *
Bistrot du Nord *

Dôme *

Het Gebaar *

Kommilfoo *

Lam & Yin *

L’épicerie du Cirque *

’t Fornuis *

The Glorious *

Many cultures have their own cuisine in Antwerp. For instance, Antwerpen Noord is a multicultural district whose more than 100 nationalities are reflected in the many types of cuisine to be found there: Turkish, African, Japanese, Arabic and Indian restaurants and shops all make the place more colourful. Chinese restaurants and supermarkets are clustered together in Chinatown (Van Wesenbekestraat).

Jewish culture also has a strong presence in Antwerp. Especially in the area around the Central Station you’ll find a number of kosher restaurants. 

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Regional produce - copyright Jan Crab

Regional produce

The many local specialities, including the Antwerp ‘handjes’, the ‘Bolleke’ beer and the ‘Elixir d’Anvers’ liqueur all bear testimony to the city’s rich culinary tradition.

Markets - copyright SIGRIDSPINNOX.COM


Nothing is more fun than a market.You get a taste of the city and its local offerings. Antwerp has several weekly and monthly markets spread all over the city.They’re highly recommended for those who want to experience the real Antwerp.

Masters of Taste: Interview Hans Bombeke - copyright Elvire Photography

Masters of Taste: Interview Hans Bombeke

“There are so many beers today that the knowledge of the barkeeper has become very important.” On the sunny terrace of beer café ’t Waagstuk on the Stadswaag we meet beer connoisseur Hans Bombeke. Please don’t call him a zythologist or beer sommelier; he finds those fancy titles inappropriate. “For that you have to complete the corresponding studies” he says while smoking his pipe.

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Blog: Beer Passion Weekend

My meeting with Ben starts with a tricky question. What’s my favourite beer? I decide to confess the truth: ‘I’m not really a beer connoisseur and would be glad to take your advice on the matter.’ I’ve reckoned without Ben’s expertise. ‘What flavours do you like?’ I am served an Armand from Limburg. Fruity, soft and not too ‘hoppy’. I feel like a cliché of a woman.

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