REUNION From Quentin Metsijs to Peter Paul Rubens

The Cathedral of Our Lady is the proud owner of four masterpieces by Rubens. What makes these works even more unique is that they are in situ: you can see them in the church for which Rubens originally created them. In 2009, a new chapter was added to this in situ narrative, to celebrate the 450th anniversary of the diocese of Antwerp. The Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp (KMSKA) returned nine masterpieces from the sixteenth and seventeenth century to the cathedral as part of the REUNION exhibition.

From Metsijs to Rubens

Since 2009, these masterpieces are once again exhibited as they would have been back then, against the cathedral’s columns. These altarpieces were all originally commissioned by the city’s guilds and trades, for the glory of God as well as for the greater glory of the trade or guild. As such, this exhibition highlights how closely society, faith, culture and art were interwoven at the time.

But REUNION also offers a spectacular overview of masterpieces of the Golden Age by the Antwerp school. Rubens is temporarily surrounded by works of his colleagues and predecessors, i.e., Quentin Massys, Barend van Orley, Frans Floris, Maarten de Vos and Otto Venius.

The 'REÜNION'exhibition is the outcome of a unique collaboration between the Royal Museum of Arts of Antwerp and the Cathedral of Our Lady. A must if you want to experience the grandeur of Rubens’s era. Visitors can still enjoy this exhibition until the museum reopens after its renovation.

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