Roots seekers

From 23 April to 6 October 2019, the new exhibition ‘Roots seekers’ at the Red Star Line Museum is telling the stories of people who went looking for their roots; their own undiscovered histories. How do you make a family tree if there are no traces? How do memories evolve over time? What is fact and what is fiction? What traces will you leave behind in this world?

A new future

The Red Star Line Museum is telling the stories of migrants who passed through this harbour on their way to a new future. Generations later, their descendants often know very little about the difficult journey the previous generations made.

A yellowed postcard

The many stories that the museum tells have stimulated visitors in recent years to go looking for their own roots. With sometimes nothing more than a yellowed postcard, they go back in time, discover remarkable stories and come into contact with distant family members, literally and figuratively. In this exhibition, we shine a spotlight on a few of these roots seekers and their journeys.

The roots seekers’ journeys

In small rooms, behind shutters and under shelves, there are stories, objects and beautiful creations waiting to be discovered. Follow the journey of the roots seekers and experience the emotions that are hidden behind a family or migration history.

The exhibition and workshops

From 23 April to 6 October 2019, discover how music and clues erased from a photo can spark a journey of discovery. Gain inspiration during the film nights and participate in creative workshops. Perhaps you will learn more about your own roots story.

Dave Van Laere


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