In Rubens’ footsteps

Antwerp has five monumental churches where the Baroque and Rubens’ world come to life “in situ”, in a church setting. These churches were among the most faithful and passionate patrons of Rubens and his contemporaries, commissioning a constant flow of new works. A newly-developed route which visits all these churches immerses visitors into the wondrous world of fine arts, inspiration and astonishment.

Rubens’ walk of life

There is no other city in the world where you can get so close to Rubens and experience his life and work so intensely as the city where he spent much of his life. Follow the route, which will take you to five major, historical churches in the city centre, which map Rubens’ career as an artist and his family life. Discover various aspects of Rubens’ personality, which he exhibited during his lifetime, as a talented apprentice and renowned, versatile artist, as a colleague and a family man.

Guided tour

This biographical exploration starts in St. Andrew’s Church, then moves to the Cathedral of Our Lady and St. Paul’s Church, stops at St. Charles Borromeo’s Church and ends in St. James’s Church, where Rubens was laid to rest. Nobody can fail to be moved once they stand eye to eye with Rubens’s overwhelming masterpieces in the buildings for which they were originally created.

Monumental Churches Antwerp | 01.06.2018 - 31.10.2018

Dave Van Laere



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