In Rubens’ footsteps

A newly-developed walk will take you on a tour of Antwerp’s monumental churches, which are all inextricably linked with the painter Peter Paul Rubens. Explore a selection of three churches, under the expert supervision of a guide, to discover traces of Rubens’s life in the city.

A biographical exploration of Antwerp's monumental churches

Step into these houses of prayer and follow his rise, from an eager and talented apprentice to a brilliant and versatile artist, learn how he developed his network in Antwerp and far beyond and find out more about the joyful and sad moments he experienced with his family. Come eye to eye with the breath-taking masterpieces Rubens painted to decorate these magnificent churches and the context in which they were created. These religious commissions served as propaganda for the Counter-Reformation, which was designed to restore Catholic faith, while also sealing Rubens’s reputation as a gifted artist.

Two tours

You can choose from two routes for this biographical tour:

Practical information

Attention: the route can be changed because of exceptional circumstances of a liturgical nature.

Jan Crab


Groenplaats 21

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