Rubens walking guide

Just as Andy Warhol is always immediately associated with New York, most people think of Rubens when you say Antwerp.

Thanks to the handy Rubens walking guide you can learn more about the life of Rubens and his contemporaries, based on the seven vices and virtues. Get a better idea of life in seventeenth-century Antwerp with fascinating stories and facts as you walk around the city. The jealousy of a former associate, the amazing art collection of Rubens’s friend, Mayor Rockox, why Rubens married a sixteen-year old girl at the age of 53... it’s all there. Obviously you will also learn how he became one of the greatest painters of his era and discover some magnificent artworks from Antwerp’s Golden Age.

The Rubens walking guide costs only €3.50 and can be purchased from the Visit Antwerpen information desks and in the MASshop. 

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St. Charles Borromeo Church - copyright

St. Charles Borromeo Church

The St. Charles Borromeo Church is the church with the most Rubens influence in Antwerp, the painter’s contribution to the decorations on the facade and top of the steeple was considerable. 

Saint James's church - copyright Sofie Coreynen

Saint James's church

The Saint James' Church is known for the resting place of Rubens.

The Rubens House - copyright SIGRIDSPINNOX.COM

The Rubens House

Step inside the home of the greatest Baroque artist north of the Alps.

Snijders&Rockox House - copyright Elvire Van Ooteghem

Snijders&Rockox House

The new Snijders&Rockox House opened its doors in 2018. It was once the home of Nicolaas Rockox, the 17th century mayor, art collector and friend of Rubens, as well as the 17th century painter, Snijders.

Six reasons to visit the Rubens House - copyright Elvire Van Ooteghem

Six reasons to visit the Rubens House

In the Rubens House, you can now admire seven new masterpieces, including paintings by Anthony van Dyck and Jacob Jordaens. The works, which are on loan, have never before been shown to the public. As well as these new works, we have another five good reasons why you should visit the Rubens House.

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