Sanguine | Blood-red Luc Tuymans on Baroque

In the exhibition ‘Sanguine | Blood-red’ the Baroque masters enter into confrontation with leading contemporary artists.

The Museum for Contemporary Art in Antwerp requested painter Luc Tuymans as its curator.

Tuymans will overwhelm the visitor with key works from the Baroque by, amongst others, Georges de La Tour, Francisco de Zurbaran and Francisco Goya which are placed in dialogue with work from classic contemporary masters such as On Kawara,Chuck Close and Edward Kienholz, with the addition of contemporary stars such as Zhang Enli, Takashi Murakami and Danh Vō.

With exceptional loans, curator Luc Tuymans brings national and international key works to Antwerp. ‘Sanguine | Blood-red’ is a visually extravagant and challenging exhibition which brings dramatic Baroque works into the experimental spaces of contemporary art.

In collaboration with KMSKA.

Studio Tuymans, Luc Tuymans at work


Leuvenstraat 32
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