Get around the city using the hip new scooters. For an initial small flat fee for every ride and then you are charged by the minute you can cover short distances quickly with these electric scooter-shares.


Bird, Lime and Poppy provide free-floating shared scooters. They don't have a fixed parking space. You need an app to locate them.

The app

Download the Bird, Lime or Poppy app to use the scooter-shares (App Store or Google Play). Create an account. Use the app to find the closest Bird and scan the QR code found on the steering wheel of each scooter. Scanning this code unlocks the scooter for use.
After your journey, leave the scooter in a place where it cannot obstruct traffic and end your journey in the app. 


They are very easy to use. Kick off to get started and turn up the throttle with the handle. The scooter also has a brake, just like on a bike, which you engage by letting go of the throttle handle. The scooters are available between 7am and 9pm.


Tom Cornille


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