Eugeen Van Mieghem Museum

The museum is housed in Het Redershuis, an imposing building dating from 1896. Eugeen Van Mieghem [1875-1930] was fascinated by the thousands of emigrants who sailed to America with the legendary shipping company Red Star Line of Antwerp, in search of happiness.

Eugeen Van Mieghem (1875-1930) was a draughtsman and depicted people in the port; using various techniques he captured their lives and characters. On display in the museum are 150 of his works, as well as works by other by Antwerp artists.

Visitors will gain an excellent insight into the world of this very introverted artist, whose work is once again in the spotlight in Belgium and abroad.

Eugeen Van Mieghem Museum


Ernest Van Dijckkaai 9
+32 49 71 01 47

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