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This museum tells the story of a city, from respectable bourgeois chamberconcerts to dancing tents and café-chantants.

The Vleeshuis Museum illustrates 600 years of sound, music and dance. A thrilling tale of street musicians, tower trumpeters, carillon players and elegant ladies who loved music.

The Vleeshuis Museum has succeeded in evoking memories and emotions with the sounds of the city, using multimedia and sound fragments in an impressive manner. Visitor’s senses are heightened by the music of the streets, in towers, in dance halls, churches and theatres and in bandstands. Next to the mechanics of playing music, "Sounds of the City" highlights the origin of music printing, the traditions of instrument builders as well as the concerts and operas in the concert halls of the past.

Music brightens the city, makes it happier and more convivial. Find out for yourself when you visit Vleeshuis.


Jan Crab


Vleeshouwersstraat 38-40
+32 32 92 61 00

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