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Antwerp has had a strong reputation for years as a fantastic shopping city. 

Antwerp has had a strong reputation for years as a fantastic shopping city. It has enormous diversity, the different shopping areas are within walking distance of one another, and the historic buildings and pedestrian streets make window-shopping an experience in itself. Shops specifically for LGBT people include bookshop ’t VerschilPlan BMan Playz and others.


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Antwerp Pride

Expect lots of colour during Antwerp Pride, with parties, sport events, exhibitions and cultural activities.

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gay-friendly Antwerp

Antwerp ranks high on the list of gay-friendly cities, thanks to its extensive gay community whose gathering place is Het Roze Huis, a non-profit organisation that brings together more than 30 affiliated associations. But also thanks to the gay-friendly environment in Belgium: same-sex couples have been able to get married since 2003 and to adopt children since 2006. 

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Going out (gay)

The monthly Studio 54 party, Café de Love, The Boots, dance cafés of all sizes... There are plenty of options in Antwerp for a wild night with kindred spirits. And of course there are discos, clubs and pop-up parties that do not specifically target LGBT people but are of equally legendary status.

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Red & Blue

Red & Blue is one of Europe’s largest gay discos. On some nights, only men are allowed in.

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