Shopping zone Quartier Latin

The Antwerpers call it Quartier Latin, but it’s also known as the theatre district, because the Bourla Theatre and the city’s municipal theatre are located here. The neighbourhood is also home to some of Antwerp’s most exclusive boutiques and some eye-catching antiques and specialty shops.


Lively and classy

Quartier Latin is a lively neighbourhood with plenty of theatres, including the large Stadsschouwburg and the Bourla Theatre as well as many cafés and restaurants… But there are also plenty of quiet spots where you can catch your breath. Graanmarkt and the Botanic Garden are a nice place to give your feet a rest. This classy neighbourhood is also famous for its exclusive shopping streets that are lined with upmarket boutiques.

Exclusive brands

If you’re coming from Hopland, you enter Antwerp’s Quartier Latin through its elegant Schuttershofstraat, with brand after brand catching your eye including Hermès, Natan, Vuitton, Chanel, Delvaux. All the essential national and international luxury brands on one street. This is a place to see and been seen. But don’t forget to add Lange Gasthuisstraat to your list, where you can also shop for exclusive brands in magnificent shops such as Verso, which is located in a former stately bank building or the brand-new Princess, the favourite shop of many a well-heeled fashionista for several decades already.

Antiques and interior decoration

Once you’ve passed the Bourla Theatre, the elegant boutiques give way to antiques shops in Leopoldstraat. More southwards, you’ll find plenty of interior decoration shops in Mechelsesteenweg, as well as plenty of trendy coffee shops where you can stop for an energising cup of coffee before your next round of shopping.

Fun markets

Walk back to the Bourla Theatre and Theaterplein – where the Stadsschouwburg is located – to enter more of a working-class neighbourhood. The large, open square is lines with pubs and cafés. Every weekend it also provides the backdrop for two busy markets: the Exotic market on Saturdays and the famous Vogelenmarkt on Sundays.


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