A walk around Hobokense Polder

Hobokense Polder is one of Antwerp’s most beautiful green spaces. It is also the largest green space in the city and the perfect spot to immerse yourself in nature.

All natural

Head over to the Scheldt bend to the south of the city and explore a lovely green area where nature is given free rein. Hobokense Polder’s varied landscape, with polders, swamps and forests, is home to over 500 different plant species. Follow the wooden boardwalk if you don’t like getting your feet wet. Salamanders and frogs frolic in the water. A heron stands still as its stalks its prey among the reeds. A great place to take a break and unwind.

A hidden gem

Follow the signposted routes in the Polder, with walks of 1 to 7.5 kilometres. See lush green forests, ponds and even a field with Galloway cows. Spot rare birds from the observation walls near the ponds. Good fun for kids too. A special trail for wheelchair users runs from the car park to one of the prettiest viewpoints. If you’re the romantic type, then remember that at sunset everything looks even more gorgeous.

So slip on your waterproof walking shoes or wellies and go explore Hobokense Polder.

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François De Heel


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