Sleep by Max Richter

Spend the night in Antwerp’s Cathedral, where you get to sleep and dream among Rubens’s masterpieces. As you slumber, the space will slowly fill with a healing stream of music that will make you forget all about your daytime worries. This may seem like an impossible dream but the Baroque festival will finally make it come true. Max Richter performs “Sleep” just once in every country. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Inspired by Bach

After performances in Berlin and Paris among others, Max Richter will be performing his night-time composition “Sleep” in Antwerp’s Cathedral.

Richter calls his work “my personal lullaby for a world that’s gone crazy”. Inspired by Bach’s Goldberg variations, the British post-minimalist composer succeeds in moving audiences around the world with “Sleep”. Experience the magical power of the sounds of the piano, the strings and electronic instruments, as you slumber on a camp bed. Meditative variations are an invitation to take your time and live a slower life in today’s hectic society. The emptiness of night and the warm harmonious sound combine into a heavenly haven for the body and soul. With this concert, Richter also wants to understand the effect of music on sleeping people.


Richter performs this work just once in every country. This is the first time that it will be performed in a church. Thanks to Rubens and the many Baroque masterpieces, the late-Gothic cathedral exudes an overall sense of transcendence, designed to lift people of out of their ordinary lives and transport them to the higher realm of the divine. How will the composition and the architecture react to each other? Which dynamic will be created between Richter’s tonal accents and the tonal accents of Rubens’s masterpieces? Will this profane music create a new form of sacrality in this centuries-old cathedral? You can discover the answers to all these and many other questions during this unique once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Cathedral of Our Lady | 07 & 08.09.2018

Mike Terry


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