't Pakhuis microbrewery

They still brew beer in the traditional manner in the ’t Pakhuis microbrewery in Antwerp’s Zuid district. 

Microbrewery 't Pakhuis only uses natural ingredients, without filtration or pasteurisation. The brewery produces several unique beers thanks to the dedicated brewing process and the workmanship of the brewers.
Pop in to sample some beers or enjoy a nice meal with a small or large group. The menu features regional dishes, often using the brewery’s own beer as an ingredient. The suggestions are also often paired with the brewery’s beers. ’t Pakhuis offers a wide array of options for groups, from buffets to culinary menus with several courses.
Every day the brewery organises a tour in Dutch, French, English or German. This includes a sampling of the brewery’s beers. The tour lasts about 45 minutes.

Huisbrouwerij 't Pakhuis


Vlaamsekaai 76
+32 3 238 12 40

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