The Antwerp Whisperer

'The Antwerp Whisperer' is a monumental combination of 5 larger than life sculptures that are mounted on the roof and against the facade of a renovated warehouse at Godefriduskaai and Willemdok next to the MAS. The Whisperer - the sculpture erected on the roof of the warehouse - whispers personal and general messages that are received by the sculpture positioned near the dock. The sculptures are the brainchildren of Belgian Campine artist Daisy Boman, who is well-known in the art world thanks to her universal Bo-men.

A personal message

Get The Antwerp Whisperer to deliver a personal message to a loved one, (grand)child, (grand)parent, a friend visiting Antwerp... Record your own message using the free App 'De Fluisteraar'. (Recording and sending a message costs €1.99. Packages are available which reduces the cost per message). Upon entering a personal code, the person for whom the message is intended will be able to listen to The Antwerp Whisperer at the Willemdok. Every passer-by will be treated to a pre-recorded message from The Antwerp Whisperer that is available in Dutch, English and French, and which will be updated monthly. They are compiled by the Whisper Board, a small society that is tasked to deliver messages that invite you to reflect or bring a smile to your face. Listening to these general messages is free. | Facebook | Twitter

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