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For the latest exhibition in the series The Moderns, the Royal Museum and the Province of Antwerp asked forty famous and less famous visitors what their favourite work of art is in the province’s and the museum’s modern art collections. The favourite works and the stories about why they have a special meaning are the subject of this exhibition.

The capstone of De Modernen was entitled Chosen. Not only do the guest curators showcase the masterpieces that are most precious to them, they also share their personal stories with us. Their gaze is sharp and cunning; their testimonies are passionate and a pleasure to read. Short stories, surprising angles, sometimes pure poetry with the occasional touch of humour. What they find beautiful, moving, inspiring or special is reflected in the work they choose. 
Ghent photographer Jacques Sonck, known for his penetrating black and white photographs, took a photograph of each guest curator with the work he or she chose.  
Chosen shows the selections of, inter alia, Johan Bonny, Marc Didden, Ruth Joos and Bent Van Looy, but also of museum guide Christien Deblaere, visitor Tonia In den Kleef and art dealer Hans De Kezel. There are some 30 works from the KMSKA collection on display, and ten from the collection of the Province of Antwerp.

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