The Silver Pavilion

Here in this unique location, next to the MAS, you can admire masterpieces from DIVA’s collection, thanks to the support of Umicore.

Umicore’s Precious Metals Refining plant in Hoboken has become world-famous and its activities are recognised around the world. The company uses one of the world’s largest installations for the recycling of precious metals and is the global leader for the recycling of complex waste fractions that contain precious metals and non-ferrous metals, e.g., by-products of the smelting and mining industry, electronic waste and other recyclable materials. The installation transforms metals into high-grade materials that are vital in our daily life. As Umicore’s partner, DIVA showcases part of its collection in the pavilion. You can find further information about the temporary exhibitions in the Umicore Silver Pavilion at


If you are visiting the Umicore Silver Pavilion, then do pick up a visitor brochure at the entrance. It will guide you through the wonderful silver world of Umicore and DIVA’s collection for free.

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