Tips for buying a diamond

Antwerp is the place to buy a diamond. Did you know that 86% of all rough diamonds and 50% of all polished diamonds are traded in Antwerp?

The 4Cs

A polished diamond’s quality and value are determined based on the 4Cs.

Carat refers to the weight: 1 carat = 0.2 grams.
Colour refers to the colour. In principle colourless diamonds are the most valuable diamonds. Only naturally so-called “fancy diamonds” with vivid colours are considered even more valuable.
Clarity refers to the diamond’s purity. The clarity is determined based on the number, size and position of internal impurities or inclusions and external elements such as scratches. A pure diamond is a stone that contains no impurities under a magnifying glass that magnifies ten times.
Cut refers to the way in which the diamond is cut. The ideal proportions and the diamond’s finish are vital aspects for determining the cut. 


When purchasing diamonds always request a certificate. We recommend requesting a certificate from the HRD Antwerp, the GIA or IGI for all purchases of diamonds of 1 carat or more. Attention: the certificate also states whether the diamond is a natural diamond, a synthetic diamond (lab grown diamond or a treated diamond. Check this before buying your diamond.


From 1 January 2018, every jeweller must issue a descriptive certificate for any jewel or timepiece sold, made of precious metals, gemstones or diamonds, which provides detailed and complete information about:

This descriptive certificate unambiguously states whether natural, lab-grown or treated diamonds were used.

Report a complaint

Customers who are the victim of misleading practices, fraud or swindle can report this to Antwerp’s local police at In addition, the Federal Public Service Economy also analyses complaints, which you can report in four languages (Dutch, French, German and English) online at


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