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Antwerp’s port area is one of the vastest industrial zones in the Benelux. It has enormous docks and the largest complex of locks in the world. Your guide knows the port inside out and will enrich your tour through this fascinating world with surprising facts and figures.

The port of Antwerp is one of the largest industrial areas in the Benelux, but the huge port docks and the largest locks in the world are really the eye-catchers of this tour. A guide who knows the port inside and out will tell you more about the revolutionary world of the container and will explain the port’s operations as well as providing you with amazing facts and figures.

But he or she will also pay attention to the unprecedented past and ambitious dreams of the port. You will be told the fascinating story of the Napoleonic docks, the emigrants of the Red Star Line, Antwerp nations, the silent witnesses of the disappeared polder villages, the expansion plans and the deepening of the Scheldt.

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