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Welcome to the brand new Antwerp Visitor Centre. Whether you want to know what is going on in Antwerp this weekend or are looking for advice on an attraction or walk, the Visitor Centre is the place to get information. You will also find lots of great Antwerp products here, for yourself and for your friends. 

Inspiration and advice

From a city map to walking and cycling routes, the Visitor Centre has everything you need for a fun visit to Antwerp. Walk around at your leisure, look at the brochures and get inspired. Do you have a question or need advice? Talk to our multilingual staff. They will be happy to help you with insider tips and fun facts. Are you inspired and do you want to book a ticket for a museum or activity in the city? That is also possible in the Visitor Centre. 

Cool gadgets and tasty regional products

The Visitor Centre is the place to be if you are looking for an original Antwerp gift. From regional products such as beer, coffee and Antwerpse Handjes (delicious cookies) to books, gadgets and T-shirts. The selection changes regularly, so be sure to come back. Can't make it to Antwerp, but still want to buy a nice gift? The good news is that many Antwerp products can also be found in our web shop. Search, click and order. It's that easy. 

Find out more at Het Steen

Want to learn a lot about Antwerp in a short time? Visit the new attraction The Antwerp Story on the first floor. Or head to Het Steen's roof terrace for a phenomenal view of the city, port and river. You are also welcome to visit after your tour through the city. Our lounge is the perfect place to reflect on what you've seen. And feel free to share your experiences with our staff, who are always happy to converse. 

Of course, you don't have to wait until you are in Antwerp to ask your questions. Feel free to contact us on FacebookInstagram or via and we'll do our best to answer you promptly. 

And you can always call us or send us an e-mail: 32 3 232 01 03 |

Enjoy your time in Antwerp!

Matthias De Boeck


Steenplein 1
+32 32 32 01 03

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