Fashion walk

Discover the lively fashion Mecca of Antwerp. This walk takes you past modern design, architecture and celebrated style icons to Antwerp’s early years as a world-class, trend-setting fashion centre. A hip city exploration.

Find out more about Antwerp as a vibrant lifestyle city on this cultural exploration of the city, which focuses on contemporary design, architecture and history. The emphasis is on the more recent past when the city developed into a leading fashion centre. This reputation is largely due to the talent and perseverance of fashion designers such as the legendary Antwerp Six, who from the 80s onwards managed to carve out a niche for themselves in the fashion world.

During this walk you will stop at shops, buildings and other places that were instrumental in the development of Antwerp as an international fashion city. And who knows, the specialised guide may reveal the fashion freak in you.

This is not a shopping trip. You will not actually visit any shops, but you will focus on their window displays.

Sepp Van Dun


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