Wim Meeussen

In 1987, Wim Meeussen launched his collection of exclusive jewelry designs with unique shapes. Each one is a testament to his unmatched love, feeling and expertise. Wearing his jewelry is sharing his passion.

Wim Meeussen’s shop is tucked away on one of the most romantic streets in Antwerp’s old city centre. It connects Grote Markt with Hendrik Conscienceplein. The workshop where Wim and his team work is just above the shop. Here every piece of jewellery is manufactured with the greatest care and attention to detail. The building is a restored Art Nouveau-style house, of which the original details have been preserved as much as possible.

Wim Meeussen has been designing original jewellery in his typically organic style since 1987. He does not believe in serial production. Every item is made by hand in his own workshop, by an experienced team. You can see that Wim loves the contrast between a matt and shiny finish, combining the two, or rough structures and fine diamonds. And because he puts his heart and soul into every collection, you can see a clear theme. Simple designs, that are just that little bit different. Wim only sells his creations in his shop in Antwerp, allowing him to guarantee a personal welcome, excellent service and customer-friendly approach. Buyers always receive an official gemmological certificate – drawn up by one of the three internationally recognised certification bodies HRD, IGI or GIA – when buying a diamond larger than 1 carat. A diamond of the customer’s choice can be incorporated in every design. The shop also provides its own certificate for every purchase.
Wim and his team are at your service and speak Dutch, French, English or German.

Being awarded the “Antwerp’s Most Brilliant Label” is quite an honour for a designer. This label recognises my workmanship as well as the quality, reliability and customer service I offer. This is the cherry on the cake for me and my team, together with the “Handmade in Belgium” label, which Unizo awards.

Wim Meeussen


Wijngaardstraat 11
+32 32 32 19 13

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