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Every city has its own traditional delicacies. So does Antwerp: the handjes, a bolleke, and filet d’Anvers. But Antwerp has many more culinary indulgences in store for you. Your guide will take you to the most beautiful and tastiest spots in the city. It’s lip-smacking good. 

Each city has its own snacks and drinks, which are unique and which you won’t find anywhere else. In Antwerp, some of the things that immediately come to mind are the Antwerp hands or handjes, the bolleke beer or filet d’Anvers (smoked meat). But there’s much more to enjoy! Your guide will take you on a tour through Antwerp’s historic city centre. En route you will get a taste of the city, its delicacies and all your senses will be stimulated.

Not available on Sundays and public holidays.

The delicacies are not included. Collect the contribution for the delicacies from participants beforehand and pay the guide upon departure.
The contribution is:
 € 10 per participant for a Yum Yum walk,
 € 5 per participant for a Yummy Yummy walk, or € 7.50 if the tour includes an elixir or shot of genever.
 You will not be served a full meal, but will taste snacks and beer.
 There is no time for shopping. We recommend that you shop after your walk.
The trail takes you along: GROTE MARKT - Museum Vleeshuis|Sound of the City - STEEN FORTRESS - VLAEYKENSGANG – KORTE GASTHUISSTRAAT.
Start: Visit Antwerpen, Grote Markt 13
End: The trail and the endpoint depend on the agreements made that day with the shops and pubs. Your walk always ends in the historic city centre.

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