Six different ways of exploring Antwerp

In Antwerp you can do anything and everything, but always slightly differently. That is why we selected six different ways of exploring the city. Float above the historic city centre, gently make your way past the impressive port or walk through the canals under the city. And just when you think you’ve seen it all, the city has another surprise in store for you.

Discover Antwerp from the air

You can enjoy a spectacular view of the city and the port of Antwerp from the panoramic roof of the MAS or the cathedral’s tower. But there is another way of seeing Antwerp from above, one you might not think of immediately. Experience Antwerp from a hot-air balloon and discover its unique location along the Scheldt. The hot air balloons are for people of all ages, for couples and for groups. During your trip your guide will tell you about ballooning and the city. An amazing experience.

Discover the various ballooning options, their points and times of departure at, or

Discover Antwerp underground

Do you not like great heights? Then dive underground into the city’s history during a visit to the Antwerp Ruien. This underground canal system dates from the Middle Ages and supplied water to the city and a harbour inlet. Centuries later the canals were transformed into vaulted sewers and faded into the city’s memory. Now the public can visit them again and you can discover the fascinating and rich underground history of Antwerp. Take a tablet with you, or go on a boat trip or follow a guide. Get to know Antwerp in a very special way thanks to the many interesting facts and mysterious anecdotes of a distant and more recent past.

You can find more information about Antwerp’s ruien at

Discover Antwerp ‘from the other side’

Antwerp is a city on the river, the River Scheldt winds its way through the city dividing it in two. The Sint-Anna Tunnel or the pedestrian tunnel, as Antwerpers call it, connects the two river banks. Walking or biking through this 572-metre long tunnel is an experience in itself. Your journey starts on the wooden escalators, which were unique in Antwerp when the tunnel was inaugurated in 1933. Once you arrive on Linkeroever you will really understand why you took this walk as you will enjoy a stunning view of Antwerp’s skyline. The beach of Sint-Anneke is also in Linkeroever and has plenty of nice pubs and restaurants. During the summer months it is one of the most popular places for Antwerp locals. In winter, you can enjoy a nice wind-swept walk and a drink and a bite to eat here.

Discover the playing field that is Antwerp

In Antwerp you can shop in buildings that would be museums elsewhere, you can lunch in shoe stores and play golf in the city centre. Discover the hotspots and other hidden spots in Antwerp during a game of City Golf. It is a unique way of exploring the city. Even more fun is a game of City Beer Golf, which includes a sampling of three delicious Antwerp regional beers. Aim at a historic monument, a statue or a bench. The player with the lowest score wins the game.

Explore Antwerp from the water

Unlike most sea ports the port of Antwerp (the second largest port in Europe) is located 80 km inland. This allows the port to serve the hinterland more efficiently. This is also an asset for visitors of Antwerp, as this allows you to get a taste of the port’s atmosphere. Jan Plezier boats will take you on a cruise past the gigantic ships and the bustling port terminals. Are you visiting with a group and are you looking for an exclusive way of discovering Antwerp’s old ports? Then rent the Rien Elisabeth, a historic small boat which organises deluxe private cruises around the Eilandje from 1 May until 15 October. Enjoy the view of the docks, the old warehouses and the MAS, over a glass of bubbly.

Whizz through the city with a touch of nostalgia

Now, you can also explore the city (and surroundings) on old-timer mopeds. Vintage Riders rents out different types of mopeds of at least 30 years old and in doing so, intends to offer you a unique experience. A perfect trip for those with a heart for old-timers or those who feel like whizzing through the city in a different way. At Vintage Riders, you can, for example, rent a 1968 Union, a 1979 Tomos or a 1967 Lambretta.  Mopeds that all guarantee a unique riding experience.

To make it even more authentic, you can find hotspots on the Vintage Riders website that have been nominated by the locals. Places where they like to hang out and that are not necessarily included in the typical tourist guide.


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