Zurenborg is quite possibly the most beautiful neighbourhood in Antwerp. It flaunts its belle époque grandeur like a coquettish lady. It proudly shows surprised visitors its art nouveau façades, elegant streets and squares. But the highlight is the 19th century Cogels-Osylei: sublime architecture from around the turn of the previous century.

On the eastern edge of the core city you will find the Zurenborg district, without a doubt one of the nicest and most pleasant neighbourhoods of Antwerp. It exuberantly shows off its Belle Epoque grandeur and charms visitors with its quiet, elegant streets and lively squares. The icing on the cake is of course the famous Cogels-Osylei, a superb showcase of civil architecture on the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.
For architects working here was a joy as they could showcase the versatility of their craft. Nowadays,
this monumental street is a true pleasure to behold. Your guide will first lead you through less known
but equally fine examples of palatial architecture in the streets near Cogels-Osylei and into the Beau Quartier. Here lies the real beating heart of Zurenborg, the pleasant Dageraadplaats with its trees and starry sky and trendy restaurants. The somewhat alternative, hip look of the residents, the stylish unit of the somewhat more modest neo-Classic terraced houses and the Florentine arch frames in Stierstraat are but a few things to watch out for.
Before your guide ends the walk with some Art Nouveau gems, enjoy a welcome stop in one of the many pubs in Dageraadplaats or one of the spacious pavement terraces in sunny Draakplaats.  Another way of enjoying the Belle Epoque!
Provide appropriate shoes for this longer walk.
Refreshments during the stop are not included.
If you only have two hours to explore Zurenborg or are less mobile, we recommend that you choose the shorter ‘Cogels-Osylei’ walk.
Start and finish: hall of the railway station Antwerpen-Berchem (Burgemeester E. Ryckaertsplein).

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Architecture mosaic - copyright Sepp van Dun

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Cogels-Osylei - copyright Dave Van Laere


Want to immerse yourself in the elegance of art nouveau without walking too long? Choose the shorter Zurenborg walking tour. It only passes through the Cogels-Osylei and a few side streets. Imagine how Antwerp’s bourgeoisie once strolled along these stately mansions and urban palaces. 

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